January 20, 2020

2020 Wedding Theme Trends

We’re entering a new decade, and with that, new trends emerge and unfold before us in a flurry of anticipation to decide which fads will take the forefront and take reign of the new year. The same experience occurs for weddings as well. Obviously, there is always the traditional themes to have timeless and classic memories to look back on; but if you’re willing to step outside of the box, these trends might be worth the try!

Reduce, reuse, upcycle? That’s right. You read that correctly. Sustainability efforts can even be made during one of the most important days of your life. Whether that be using locally-sourced vendors in regard to florals or catering, reusing past wedding relics, or recycling glass and plastic that is utilized during the wedding; making the conscious decision to be environmentally-friendly throughout your big day can be done in varying, negotiable degrees.

Got color on your mind? When figuring out wedding details, many couples will decide on a color pallet to go by when choosing décor for the venue and florals. And I’ll say it here, neo-mint, cassis, yellow, and classic blue should be on the top of your list. Neo-mint is for all of you that like bright, cool tones. Throw this color along with various shades and hues of its likeness and create a tranquil vibe for your wedding day. You might be unfamiliar with the color cassis, but you should start familiarizing yourself with it ASAP, especially if you’re a purple lover. This orchid-esque color gives off a pink tint and warms up an otherwise cool shade. It’s a perfect alternative for that classic light pink we see at every wedding function. Yellow may not be for everyone, but if you have a fondness for the color, I’m telling you now’s the time! The great thing about yellow is depending on the hue you choose will depend on the atmosphere you invoke. Want it to express joy? A bright, daffodil yellow could do just that. Maybe something more mellow? Think mustard yellow. Lastly, Pantone recently announced its color of the year for 2020, and it’s Classic Blue! Classic Blue is meant to evoke thought-provocation, peace, and clarity, and is a beautiful azure shade that could bring a little mood and depth to your wedding color pallet.

“Christmas all year long” is a statement I will never disagree with, but I’m not talking Santa Claus. I’m talking lights galore! Along with having stunning florals to decorate your special day, it has become increasingly apparent that the use of lights, whether they be tea, string, etc., is becoming all the rage. Although not as sustainable as the former décor mentioned, lights can add magic and whimsy to your wedding and by all means do they make for beautiful photographs. 

If you’re ready to take on Vouge for your wedding, well I’ve got a trend for you. Maximalist fashion is taking center stage, or shall I say center aisle, this wedding season. And, I’m not just talking about the bride. The groom is also included. Voluminous ball gowns, extensive lace detailing, tiers of ruffles, tail coats, patterned suits; if you’re a fashion leader, not follower, it’s time for you to take your place at the front of this trend’s line.

When most couples pick wedding décor and colors, they usually tend to stick to a set template of what will and will not work in those parameters; but, this year wedding designers are placing more emphasis on the atmosphere and vibe the wedding theme produces rather than the matchy-matchy trend that has been through the ringer. Weddings will now be more about the a general idea to evoke through décor and color pallet than a specific look to abide by.


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