January 17, 2020

2020 Wedding Dress Trends

What a bride would consider one of the most important aspects of her big day: the wedding gown… and I won’t argue with that assertion. There is no other moment that will compare to the elated and invincible emotions you feel when walking down the aisle with all eyes on you. The wedding gown is essential in showcasing the bride’s personality and is what many look forward to when attending the event due to the mystery of it rarely being seen until the day of the wedding. In 2020, I’m feeling the romance and eclecticism of these wedding gown trends, so here’s what to look forward to if you’re seeking to solve the mystery of what you should choose as your go-to style for this forthcoming year.

This style is what princess dreams are made of: ball gowns are an ever head-turning silhouette that bring drama, volume, and regality. If you’ve ever dreamt of being the ruler of your own kingdom, your wedding day is the perfect day to enact that fantasy. 

Romantic, feminine, whimsical, ruffles and tiers add dimension to your gown without being to overbearing in weight while checking off all of the fashion-forward boxes. This eclectic detail can be done minimally to add a little ‘oomph;’ or if you are ever the maximalist, then ruffles and/or tiers all over can give you the avant-garde drama you’ve been craving. 

One of my personal favorites: the trend of airy and corseted silhouettes give off an ethereal and angelic vibe despite their sheer characteristic. Tulle and organza give frothy fantasy while more sleek silhouettes revert to a more sophisticated vibe. Want to know what I think is one of the best parts, though? Not only does this style photograph beautifully, especially in sunlight, but it is also lightweight enough to allow you to breathe on the dance floor.

Bringing back the 80s? Yes, please! Or at least for this trend. Statement sleeveshave been increasingly on trend in everyday work and streetwear, so why not bring it to your wedding gown? Whether it be shoulder pads, ruffles, puff-sleeves, or off-the-shoulder: it’s all about the added touch of drama this detail brings. Keep the attention on the sleeves by accessorizing with simple jewelry, or get them detachable to remove for later reception festivities.

I will never say no to sparkle, so when glitz overload made its way down bridal runways for this year’s wedding gown trends, I was more than overjoyed. There’s nothing like capturing bling in a great lighting situation. Sequins, beading, rhinestones, you name it, a little can go a long way, but who’s to stop you from adding some glam to what is seemingly considered a sophisticated gown? If your gown over-the-top, opt for more minimal accessories so that you’re wearing the gown and not the other way around.

Would you like some leg with that? Another favorite of mine: the slit. If it wasn’t every dress on the runway this year, it was pretty close. And that’s not to say that it makes it any less unique! If you’ve got it, by all means, flaunt it. Slits can also vary in height, so whether you want it a little above the knee or to the high heavens, slits provide an eye-catching detail that can be added to almost any dress silhouette.


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