January 24, 2020

2020 Wedding Bouquet Trends

The floral arrangements are an aspect of the wedding that I think require far more extensive research and effort than what they are initially approached with. Much like most details of the wedding, the flowers provide a personal, in-depth look into the personality and preferences of the newlyweds. Each flower has a different meaning, while also having to correlate with the meanings of different colors. With those ideas taken into consideration, something beautiful and intimate can be created that can possibly leave an amazed impression on your guests. But, to localize this aspect of your special day: let’s talk bouquets.

What I’m seeing becoming increasingly popular for bridal bouquets is the petite decision. Dainty and small in stature, a petite bouquet nixes all concerns of having to hold on to a weighty bouquet for hefty amounts of time while also complimenting the bride by not taking away from her overall visual. Although delicate, petite bouquets still add texture and add more interest to photographs.

Another trend is: color! Whether that be deep, rich tones to break up and add mood to the traditionally more muted bouquets or a monochrome arrangement, I am loving pops of varying shades and hues of uniquely-colored florals. If you’re going the more monochromatic route, try various sizes of flowers and different shades of the same color to add texture and depth to what could be considered a boring color pallet.

This is the only time I’ll say looking washed out looks good. The bleached greenery trend allows you to focus on the color of the flowers that so often can get lost in green overload. The washed-out look gives an ethereal, free-spirited vibe while also maintaining the texture that we desire when picking out more deconstructed wedding bouquets.

I’ll say it and keep on saying it. Sustainability is IN! In regard to your wedding bouquet and florals there are many easy methods that can be used that can reduce waste and promote a healthier environment like: take-home, mini bouquets that are wrapped from your floral arrangements, repurposing floral arrangements throughout the day by relocating them to different locations, and considering more seasonal and/or locally-sourced options.


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