February 24, 2014

From Brit to Alabamian: Hannah and Paul’s Story

Hannah & Paul

The story of Hannah and Paul is a truly unique and special one. You see, Paul is from England and Hannah is and has been an Alabamian. Paul and Hannah met in 2010 and had no idea what the future would hold for them.

Paul’s brother, Laurence, had moved to Alabama from Britain 5 years prior to 2010 to marry his wife Lauren. During Thanksgiving of 2010 Paul was visiting his brother and was introduced to Hannah through mutual friends at an Iron Bowl party. The two both say that they enjoyed each others company that evening but never imagined that they would see each other again due to living on different continents. After a grueling year of short text messages, Paul returned to the states in 2011 and it was clear to both Paul and Hannah that they had something truly special.

Hannah and Paul were both determined to make this long distance relationship work. For 2 whole years they were apart making small 10-day trips about every 3 months to visit one another. After awhile Hannah jumped a plane and headed to England for a 6-month period to be with Paul. In March of 2013 Paul proposed to Hannah on the London Bridge over looking Tower Bridge.

As the visa process to get Paul here was tough and at times very frustrating Hannah and Paul say the wedding planning was very fast and chaotic at times but both thanked Hannah’s mother for all of her love and support through the process. Watching all of the pieces fall together was quite exciting!

Hannah and Paul were married this past weekend, Saturday February 22, 2014, at Shoal Creek. The ceremony was beautiful and we cannot wait for everyone to see the images. Arden Photography is truly thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this beautiful couples new beginning. We would like to give a great big “ROLL TIDE” (WAR EAGLE!!!) to our new British friends and wish them a happy and safe journey home!

For more on Hannah and Paul’s story visit their personal website: http://www.pinckneyandlawrence.com/#!our_story/c1se


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