February 19, 2014

Meet Abby and Joseph…

Abby and Joseph

Joseph and Abby graduated high school together, but didn’t get to really know each other until after college. Joseph jokes about the two of them being high school sweethearts, but Abby says when they attend their 10-year reunion this Spring as a married couple, classmates will be surprised!
Memorial Day weekend Abby and Joseph decided to get away from the city and take a trip out to Joseph’s family’s hunting camp. Joseph was excited to show Abby the ropes of bass fishing and had prepared by purchasing new fishing gear from Bass Pro Shop before the trip. As Joseph unloaded his new gear he popped open a bottle of wine for Abby and told her he had a surprise for her. As he disappeared into the next room Abby expected him to return with a new fishing rod or maybe even some pink fishing worms…but to her delightful surprise Joseph returned with a small blue box from Bromberg’s! As he opened the box Joseph asked Abby to marry him. Abby jumped into Joseph’s arms and said YES!!! The newly engaged couple spent the rest of the weekend fishing, cooking and spending quality time together before beginning the fun and exciting celebration with friends and family.
Abby’s favorite part about planning the wedding has been meeting with all the wonderful vendors and more specifically working with her good friend Sybil Sylvester of Wildflowers Designs. Abby and Joseph decided against engagement photos and instead decided to do a photo shoot for flower magazine, whom Abby works for. Our own Mo Davis of Arden Photography photographed Abby and Joseph’s Doberman Pinscher, Georgie, wearing a beautiful floral collar created by Sybil. Georgie was the PERFECT model.

This past year has been an exciting one for the flower magazine team. Two other editors were married this past year and as Abby is preparing for her big day flower magazine published a story in their January/February issue on the flower magazine editors. As the other two were married this past summer they each had a spread featuring details of their weddings, where Abby’s spread was more of an inspiration board! Check out the spreads below!

We are so exited to be a part of Abby and Joseph’s big day this weekend. Be sure to check back with us soon to see images from the big day!


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