April 24, 2020

Night at the Oscars | Arden Photography

For the past several years the Arden Photography team has been chose to photograph the Night at the Oscars event hosted by Mitchell’s Place, a charity program that specializes in improving the lives of children affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.  

This year the charity event was held at the Theodore in Birmingham, Alabama. Hundreds of people were gathered, decked out in their Oscar-worthy attire, to celebrate the honorary guest of the night, Mitchell. The venue was adorned in red roses and customized movie posters that featured Mitchell’s countenance. The food and drinks were divinely plated and poured, and one could tangibly see how the guests thoroughly enjoyed the exquisite cuisine with how many empty plates and glasses were left on the tables.

The bidding for donations to Mitchell Place were more than successful, and it was amazing and an honor to see the love and generosity that swelled within the venue. I look forward to continue to work with this amazing philanthropy, and I am excited to see how it grows and evolves. Cheers!


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