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February 10, 2020

The Ultimate Wedding Recap | Erin & Zachary | April 13, 2019 | Arden Photography

Erin was one of the sweetest brides to grace Windwood with her bright smile. Her optimism was spread throughout her bridal party with compliments of her kindness and lovable personality constantly being told. There was no doubt in my mind that her wedding was going to be anything short of enjoyable.

It’s as if the weather was absorbing and reflecting back the positive energy that was being output. The day was warm, the sun was bright, and smiles were nonstop throughout Windwood. Both the bride and groom and showed immense excitement before meeting their significant other for their emotional first look.

Their ceremony was held in a beautiful, high-ceilinged Catholic church, and afterward, they returned to Windwood to celebrate their consummation with loved ones. The charming couple were sent off in a Rolls Royce to begin their honeymoon as family and friends cheered them on with waves of happiness and health.


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