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February 14, 2020

The Ultimate Wedding Recap | Aditi & Kevin | April 26, 2019 | Arden Photography

If I could describe this wedding one word, I would have to say: FUN. There was never a shortage of smiles, laughter, color, dancing, and exciting conversation. From the stunning decor to elaborate wedding attire, there was always a special moment to photograph and eternalize. Not only was the wedding in its entirety beautiful, Aditi was beyond stunning in both her traditional Indian wedding attire and her white wedding gown along with her amicable personality.

Their ceremony was celebrated outside at Windwood’s school barn with a sociably large guest count that were led to their seats with Kevin on horseback and music playing in the background. Guests were in awe as Aditi was led down the aisle by her proud parents and the smiles on the couples’ faces when they were presented to one another was nothing short of pure happiness and love.

The reception concluded the night with exquisite Indian cuisine, champagne flowing, constant dancing, and laughter throughout the Windwood courtyard. Glow sticks were waved to send off the newlyweds to their much-awaited and well-deserved honeymoon while the guests cheered on the couple with well wishes and prayers.


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