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May 1, 2020

Engagement Session Guide | Arden Photography

Engagement sessions with your potential wedding photographer are extremely important to follow through with. Not only do they allow you precious moments to be captured with your significant other, but they also allow you to become comfortable and acquainted with your photographer. I love to photograph returning clients because it ensures that I meet their needs, and I become familiarized with their personalities further allowing me to capture them at their most natural state. Engagement sessions should be utilized to allow you as a customer to feel confident, empowered, and secure; so don’t overthink it, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on the other side of the lens. Below are a few guidelines to help you navigate through your engagement session smoothly and at a state of relaxation.


  • Can be anytime that is convenient to you, but I typically opt for natural light around two hours before sunset.
  • “Golden Hour” images produce a glowy and ethereal effect that are captured beautifully on camera.
  • You’ll want to avoid times where there sun is directly overhead because it can cause harsh shadows & white spots in images.
  • Weekends are typically go-to days since most individuals are able to get time off, but also consider weekdays that could possibly allow you more private photo time with less foot traffic.


  • Your location should be a reflection of you & your significant other.
  • Being comfortable in your setting allows me to get to know you better & allows for more natural photographs to be captured.
  • Think of a place that is unique that others may not have explicit access to. This will add to the personality of your session.
  • Visit your location ahead of time to scout out potential photo-ops, especially if the photographer is traveling to that destination. Us photographers have a pretty good idea for producing awesome content on the spot; but if you have a special request, we’ll want to know.

Side Note: I am always open to giving location suggestions, so this decision shouldn’t be something that weighs heavily on you.

Things to consider ahead of time:

  • Choose outfits in advance that you know fit well and coordinate (not match).
  • Most couples choose a casual/Sunday best outfit & a more glammed-up option to give variation in vibe of their images.
  • Schedule those “treat yourself” festivities i.e. hair, makeup, & nails.
  • Clean your ring (for that extra pop of shine).
  • Arrive a few minutes early to your session. It is imperative that you arrive on time to make sure that you are given optimal service & that we’re able to capture as many beautiful moments as possible.
  • Any details that might be able to convey you and your significant others’ personalities i.e. fun accessories or knick-knacks.

Your “just-in-cases:”

  • Flats for walking in between sessions
  • Outfit #2 (optional but suggested)
  • Touch up hair & makeup supplies
  • Water
  • Coat/cover-up
  • A list of photo requests

Attire to avoid:

  • Uncomfortable shoes/flip-flops/tennis shoes
  • Anything that requires “fixing” i.e. straps & tags
  • Clothing with logos
  • Baseball hats
  • Baggy shirts/pants


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