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February 24, 2020

The Ultimate Wedding Recap | Natalie & James | May 18, 2019 | Arden Photography

Magenta, peach, and lilac florals decorated the Windwood estate, bouquets, and the hair of the sweet flower girl at Natalie and James’ wedding. Despite the onslaught of Alabama heat, Natalie looked absolutely stunning in her classic lace wedding gown. With ample amounts of A/C breaks in between shot takes, the bubbly bridal party was able to make it through the sweltering afternoon with minimal complaints.

Prior to the wedding ceremony, the almost-newlyweds participated in a traditional Jewish service to consummate their marriage. A dainty flower crown fit perfect on the top of the ever-grinning flower girl’s head as she made headway down the aisle, decorating the pathway with delicate flower petals.

After the ceremony, the wedding party made their way up to Windwood’s courtyard to continue on with the wedding festivities. Dancing ensued, cake was thoroughly eaten, and glow sticks lined the walkway as the couple made their grand exit to pursue their honeymoon endeavors.


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