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July 17, 2019

Arden’s 12 Artists to Watch | Arden Photography

  • Sarah Soule Webb

    • Sarah Soule Webb is a Pensacola native but is currently located in Birmingham, Alabama. Her art work is described as “photo-surrealistic” paintings of the coastal environment. Much of her pieces feature graphic depictions of how light interacts with water “evoking a dreamlike experience.”

    • If you are all for supporting local artists and you also have a love for tropical sentimentality, Sarah’s pieces are exactly what you need for a current or growing collection. They will be sure to liven up any display with their graphic quality.

 “Baptismal Font”

“Baptismal Font”

  • Suzy Spence

    • Suzy Spence’s work largely consists of painterly depictions of women haphazardly painted in close quarters to the viewer or in monumental scale. The viewer is mostly faced with portraits decorated with a dead-pan stare that would stop any one in their tracks.

    • A show-stopper for sure, Spence’s pieces cater to those who enjoy the more abstract ambiance of the painting community and those who will want their guests entranced and curious about their peculiarity.

 “Widow VII (Bowler)”

“Widow VII (Bowler)”

  • Vincent Xeus

    • Vincent Xeus vacillates between figuration and abstraction in his pieces while simultaneously challenging traditional art practices with contemporary ideologies.

    • Xeus’s works are likened by those with an affinity toward history and how the past adjusts our perceptions of the future.

 “Bite the Apple”

“Bite the Apple”

  • Liz Lane

    • Liz Lane is a Birmingham native and current local. She paints an array of subjects including fashion, florals, landscapes, figures, and abstraction with watercolors, oils, and just about any medium that’s within her grasp.

    • If you are one for the abstract genre, Lane’s pieces are inspired by color, line, and depth to achieve the perfect sense of order and chaos.

 “conversations in yellow”

“conversations in yellow”

  • Tony Hernandez

    • My interest for encaustic paintings brings me to this next talented creative, Tony Hernandez. His art features simple, yet conceptually challenging subject matter with no clear agenda of the figuration being depicted yet leaving an impressionable impact on the viewer.

    • His works are definitely for those that find pleasure in simplicity and delicacy with no distinct prophetic message, and those that appreciate the work, toil, and uniqueness that goes into creating encaustic pieces.



  • Charlie Mackesy

    • Charlie Mackesy is a multimedia artist with talents in drawing, painting, sculpture, and lithographs. His works are open and loose with reoccurring themes of the jazz scene and heavenly bodies. Amongst those redundancies are random narratives of everyday life and thoughts.

    • ‘Personal’ is the word I think of when describing Mackesy’s art. Anyone who appreciates a clear motif of self-discovery will surely enjoy how he has analyzed the world around him and how that has effected his work.

  • Arthur Price

    • Also an Alabama native, Arthur Price studies past and present myths of different cultures. His work is created on un-stretched canvases that are stained with muted, monochromatic washes to create abstract, figural beings that emerge from the process.

    • If you enjoy nature and its unpredictable forces, Arthur’s work is meant to deliver a harmonious balance between the order and chaos presented by the rejuvinational qualities of nature.

  • Kurt Pio

    • Kurt Pio is an artist currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa. What initially drew me to his artistic style is his ability to move between artistic genres so easily. From graphic, hyperrealism to abstract lines to loosely painted portraits, his artistic identity is constantly something that keeps you on your toes.

    • If you’re in search of someone that gives you a little bit of everything, Pio is the artist for you. With his latest hit of painting monumentally-sized gemstones that look so tangible you could walk straight into one of their sharp edges to his splatter-painted wine and champagne bottle paintings, the graphic nature of his art serves the purpose of grabbing your attention and wildly holding onto it.

  • David Yarrow

    • Yarrow is a primarily monochromatic photographer of the natural world. His work is clean, classic, and conveys its intended message with sharp clarity.

    • Not only is Yarrow an extremely talented photographer, he is also an ambassador for several wildlife/environmental foundations. His love for nature is endearing and showcases his intellect toward the preservation of our natural world. I think his work is perfect for large format printing and is a welcomed addition to any sophisticated collection.

  • William McLure

    • McClure resides in Birmingham, Alabama. He is an interior designer as well as a self-employed artist with a drawing and painting style that can flip on a dime from realism to abstraction and back again.

    • Already with an acute awareness of how a space can harmoniously be set up and decorated, McClure’s pieces accent and accentuate the environment it is placed within. William’s work is so hot on the market you will have to get on his list.

 “The Crying Game”

“The Crying Game”

  • Cathleen Naundorf

    • Naundorf is an art director and world-renowned photographer well-known for her haute couture photography. She primarily works in negative film and polaroid cameras.

    • If you have a love and appreciation for the art of fashion, old-style photographic technology, and classic elegance, look no further. Her contrasted images depict narrative utilizations of ornate garments on ethereal models.

  • Ellen von Unwerth

    • Ellen is a photographer and director with a specialization in the feminine erotic.She creates fashion, editorial, and advertising photographs with a feminist approach to make all of the women she photographs to feel beautiful and powerful.

    • Unwerth’s photography is raw, real, and powerful with the desire to make every one of her subject’s feel self-assured and sexy. She primarily photographs celebrities in a graphic and unfiltered-esque fashion.


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