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May 20, 2019

What to Consider for Your Wedding Day: Weather | Arden Photography

We all know weather in Alabama is bipolar to the nth degree. So, here is a list of considerations you should make for your special day, whether in Bama or not, to make sure it remains special and stress-free.

  • Temperature

    • Hot, cold, in between, make sure you know the general whereabouts of where the temperature is going to be on your special day so that you can plan accordingly on beauty and attire.

    • Small, portable fans are a mindful consideration just in case you’re stuck outside taking pictures in the heat.

    • Blankets and shawls on hand are also something to consider to walk around with during the cooler degrees.

  • Rain/Snow… any type of precipitation

    • Have a backup plan for possible rainouts. Most weddings are not events to postpone, so if having a tent readily available is an option, make sure you have them on speed-dial.

  • Hydration

    • It is SO important to stay hydrated during your wedding day. Regardless if it’s hot or cold outside, water will keep any medical issues from occurring and it will keep you feeling fresh all day.

  • H&MU

    • Hair and makeup can be a huge issue if there is imminent weather on the way. Make sure your styles are weather-appropriate, and even have a possible backup. There are many products that are on the market to keep you looking and feeling your best, just ask your stylist what they recommend.

    • Argan and morroccan oil can prevent and reduce frizz.

    • Setting spray and waterproof makeup can keep your face in place all day.

  • Attire

    • Make sure your attire is temperature-appropriate for the time of year your wedding is scheduled for. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable for a day that you are supposed to remember fondly.

    • If you want a short-sleeve dress during cooler weather, maybe opt for a fur shawl to place over yourself during downtime. Plus, they make for beautiful, classy pictures.

  • Guests

    • If you know there is a significant weather change on your wedding day, make sure to let your guests know so they know how to dress accordingly and schedule how they will arrive easier. They’ll surely be thanking you for your consideration.

 Photo by: Arden Photography

Photo by: Arden Photography

 Photo by: Arden Photography

Photo by: Arden Photography

 Photo by: Arden Photography

Photo by: Arden Photography

 Photo by: Arden Photography

Photo by: Arden Photography


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