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April 19, 2019

Easter Fashion 2019 | Arden Photography

Easter is quickly approaching and if you haven’t had the time to figure out what you will be clad in, don’t fret quite yet. Easter is typically viewed as a conservative holiday having most people attend church and family affairs. So, since it’s a day to celebrate, of course you want to look (and feel) your absolute best! Below are a few color and style options for a last-minute search to help you queue in what you’re looking for.

Easter Color Palette:

  • Pastels:

    • Blush

    • Lavender

    • Peach

Pastels are always a spring must. These soft colors compliment a wide variety of skin tones, while also bringing color to your wardrobe in a more subdued manner.

  • Brights:

    • Kelly Green

    • Yellow

Kelly Green has gotten extremely popular over the past couple of months, and it won’t stop now. Green is a strong, statement color, so it can be left simple with only the color to admire, or you can accessorize it in a way to subdue the color. Yellow can be a bit off-putting and it doesn’t suit everyone with the right confidence, anyone can pull it off with their own flattering, joy-inducing shade.

  • Neutrals:

    • Jade

    • Navy

If you want to go a little more under the radar these neutral shades have got your back (literally). Jade is a muted version of its brighter counterpart previously mentioned if you still want to add color to your ‘fit. Navy is a softer version of black, but is still just as flattering! It will also keep you from getting as hot if you were wearing black in this Alabama weather.

Easter Style Watch:

  • Wrap dresses

    • This SUPER flattering style of dress hits you right where it matters at your waist, brings it in, and hides anything underneath its overlay structure.

  • Maxi dresses

    • Chic and comfortable. What more could you ask for? Maxi dresses come in so many styles, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your personality to a ‘T.’

  • Jumpsuits/Rompers

    • Skip trying to find a two-part ensemble, and go straight to the rack filled with jumpsuits and rompers. Pants or shorts, you get to decide, but jumpsuits and rompers come in a variety of styles sure enough to fit what you’re going for this Easter holiday.

  • Coulettes

    • Remember the galcho? Well this is it’s hotter, older sister. Coulettes are usually cropped and flare at the ankle. A high-waisted version of this pant pared with a nice, blouse, and a clean heel, can bring a boss babe vibe to any get-together,


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