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April 12, 2019

What to Consider… Bridal Hair Tips from Hair Stylist Amanda Sturgis | Arden Photography

Amanda Sturgis is a cosmetologist with a specialization in hair cut & color based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She works at Salon Studios in Northport, Alabama.

With over 25 years under her belt, Amanda has seen it all in the cosmetology world. Bleach fails, the “I thought it was going to turn out this color” plea, & bad cuts galore have yet to deter her from this passion. Rather, she welcomes it with open arms to help get her client’s back to their most comfortable & confident state. Amanda makes it her goal to have her clients not only happy, but also educated so that they know why she may recommend something different from their original hair excursion. Healthy hair is a priority when you sit down in her salon chair.

Primarily a salon hair stylist with a devoted clientele, weddings are far & few between, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her fair share of preparing lovely brides on their wedding.

Below are a few tips & considerations to make when thinking about YOUR big day’s locks:

  • Enhance what you’ve been naturally given.

    • You want to look & feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

  • The hair style you choose should be dependent on your dress style and the time of day, time of year, & theme of your wedding.

    • To make everything look cohesive & to feel the most comfortable, you’ll want to be aware of your wedding-day decisions prior to setting your mind onto a hair style.

  • Soft, natural curls & updos are on trend right now.

    • Be unique & do what makes you happy. If that’s following trends because you like the style & the way it makes you feel, then go for it. If not, talk it out with your hair stylist to create a style that enhances your beauty the most and makes you feel unique during your celebration.

  • If styling your hair with elastics and/or bobby pins, make sure they match your hair color or are translucent.

    • Pesky hair ties/bobby pins can distract from your hair style in pictures and in person. Have your stylist hide them within the hair style or use something similar to your hair color so that they will blend right in.

  • When using hair spray, make sure it doesn’t leave a film over your hair and that your hair still has movement.

    • Too many a times people feel that for a hair style to stay, they have to spray a TON of hairspray into their hair, yet if you have a quality hairspray your hair style should stay intact all day long without leaving it looking and feeling crunchy.

 Photo by: Kali Sturgis

Photo by: Kali Sturgis


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