November 23, 2015

Mo’s Photo of the week: Arden Photography

The only thing my sister and I ever fought over were shoes.  I always knew when she had been in my closet because something was always out of place!  Well, I almost had that same fight again this weekend but not with my sister; it was with Scout(Emily’s dog).  I wanted to get photos of Emily’s wedding shoes in her bedroom.  When I placed the shoes on the floor, Scout immediately jumped off the bed and started guarding the shoes like the President’s secret service!  The closer I got to the shoes, the more she growled until it eventually became a terrifying bark!  I noticed that Scout began to dance a little around the shoes and then it became pretty clear that she was actually trying to get her feet into Emily’s Kate Spade’s!  What a smart dog and she obviously has great taste in shoes!


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