May 12, 2014

Beauty Tips with Arden Ward Upton

Jestina Howard – Beauty Expert

Recently Jestina of Aware Cosmetics worked with us on a fashion photo shoot for Laura Kathryn and during the short time we had to chat I learned so much. 

The Perfect Red Lip by Jestina 

How to apply a BOLD LIP

1. Exfoliate your lips with a mild scrub to remove dead skins cells

2. Use a lip balm that contains vitamin E to moisturize

3. Apply a thin application of a lip liner to neutralize your natural lip color and help the lip color to adhere

4.  Apply two layers of lip color to lips

5.  Use neutral tone lip liner or one that matches the lip color to follow the natural curvature of your lips on the top and bottom.

6. Use sponge and a little translucent powder to clean up around the lip line.


 Finishing touches

Finishing touches

 The final look

The final look

What I learned:

1. Mix and Match, although Jestina has her own line of cosmetics she recommends using products from many different brands. 

2. Constantly check for expired product and remove them from your bag because they can grow bacteria etc. (this is something I really needed to hear)

3. Clean your brushes. (another bad habit, I am guilty of not cleaning them often enough)

Products you should check out: Eye Color , EyeLiner 

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural

— Calvin Klein
 The Perfect Red Lip by Jestina Howard

The Perfect Red Lip by Jestina Howard

 Shop Laura Kathryn style

Shop Laura Kathryn style

The mirror reflects your image, but your soul reflects your beauty, in every glance, every tear, every smile, your true nature shines through.

— Unknown


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