February 7, 2014

I was checking out my good friend Michael Andrew’s blog and saw this.

He wrote this post:

Artist Gets Photoshopped in Simulated Real-Time for Music Video

Since its creation Photoshop has created a lot of controversy within the beauty industry. Some say it creates standards for young girls and women that are impossible to live up to. Even great beauties like movie stars and models are not immune to digital enhancement and slenderizing for publications. In this creative and music video singer Csemer Boglarka has her hair, face, eye color, and makeup all digitally enhanced making somewhat of a statement on beauty standards and the use of Photoshop. Check out the video and share your thoughts.

I look at photoshop and photoshopped images on a daily basis and am always floored by the requests I get on changing things up. What do you think about this?

Please check out his site Michaelthemaven.com


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