January 21, 2014

Mr. George McGrady: Mo’s Photo of the Week

Whenever my sisters and I drove my mother to a state of mental disruption, she would always mention this place called “Retirement”. As a child, my only knowledge of that place was the fact that it was somewhere near the beach and kids were not allowed. After all, it was actually created as an escape from everyone and everything and you never had to work again! I mean, by this point I was pretty sick and tired of doing chores and five dollars a week was not cutting it. Why couldn’t I go to “Retirement” and never have to clean my room or wash dishes ever again? But, then something happened….. I GOT OLDER! By the time I had my first job in college, I was so ready for retirement. This work thing was really hard and you had to do it everyday! Last weekend, I had the privilege to photograph Mr. George McGrady’s retirement party. I stood there and realized that retirement wasn’t some utopia that was created as an escape, it’s actually a reward. The smiles that filled that room along with the congratulatory handshakes and cheek kisses, reminded me that hard work really does pay off. Congratulations Mr. McGrady, reserve a few acres in the land of retirement for me!

-Mo Davis


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