November 18, 2009

An interesting and flattering email!

I love it when other photographers recognize my work. It means a lot when someone takes time to write about what they really think. Here is what Dr Jessup had to say and a link to his site. It looks like he offers some great learning experiences through his tailored workshops.

**Aloha Arden,
I have been in focused with photography for some 35 years now and have
seen it all until viewing your work. Your talents are far beyond the
typical wedding and style photographer that I have witnessed over my world
travels. You capture the real view of what others have not. I used to do
destiny weddings but my main repertoire is wildlife and landscape after
having won numberous awards I feel my talents are with nature and not
people. My hand out to you for the way photography should be. I used to
photograph famous models as well but after seeing your profile I must
honestly admit that you have the beauty of Venus. I am in the midst of
publishing my first coffee table photography book called “Reflections of
America”. It is about nature, wildlife, and landscapes that are either
reflected by water, glass, shadows, and other images of mother nature.
When you have time please view my website at www.mjwildthings.com

Thank you for being what photography is all about. You have the right key
and vison of staying focused.
Dr. Michael Jessup………….**


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