July 28, 2009

Arden Clients account suspended

Our online proofing site is down. Today we received a follow up notice from over a month ago that our site is down due to excessive file count. You will see a screen that looks like this when you try to login.

We have been trying to work on getting our file count down for some time but the way our system works we plan on galleries being up for 90 days. Although 3 months does seem like plenty of time to us there seems to be an issue with getting images selected in that amount of time. Because this is effecting all of our clients now we are going to enforce the $200 reactivation fee. There will be no exception to this because all of our clients even those who adhere to the 90 days are suffering.

This will be fixed soon but if you have called to reactivate a gallery multiple times your gallery will be deleted unless the $200 fee is paid.

I hope everyone understands that we need to keep our images online as indicated in our packages.

Thank You,


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