January 31, 2009

Travel 2008

During 2008 we had two Major trips and our first was to Ireland to teach a workshop Zero to 60. Ireland and the workshop was an amazing teaching experience. We taught with fellow PhotoGirl Melissa Jill

During our workshop which was limited to just a few students to keep it personal we taught how to pose, business practices, shooting techniques, camera functions, photo editing, workflow etc. Brett showing Cristi how to pose and teaching our students how to communicate the look for use with future clientsOne of my images from the fashion posing session during the on location class (Cristi/model).Teaching movement. I love a flowing dress shot. I know that our Zero to 60 attendees will use this technique in 2009This is total fashion. Straight out of Vogue.In this shot I was showing how you can use diffused natural light and negative space.A funny shot MJ took of me showing the use of space and light.


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